West Virginia Statewide Rehabilitation Council

Our mission, our vision

The mission of the West Virginia State Rehabilitation Council is to review, analyze and advise the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services regarding its program eligibility, performance and effectiveness in empowering individuals with disabilities to achieve their employment goals.

The West Virginia SRC’s vision is to ensure that all people with disabilities are provided with an equal opportunity to receive the vocational rehabilitation services for which they are eligible.

“There is nothing I have achieved … without the love and support of specific individuals who reached out to empower me … There is nothing I have accomplished without reaching out to empower others.”
Justin Dart

About the State Rehabilitation Council

Section 105 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, requires the establishment of a State Rehabilitation Council (SRC). The WVSRC consists of a diverse membership who represent the interests of West Virginians with disabilities. The WVSRC works in partnership with the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services (WVDRS) to review, evaluate and advise WVDRS on its specific and overall performance and effectiveness. The WVSRC also works in partnership with WVDRS to develop, agree to, and review state goals and priorities for vocational rehabilitation.

Council members are appointed by the Governor, serving three-year staggered terms. No person may serve more than two consecutive three-year terms.

The WVSRC is a founding member of the National Coalition of State Rehabilitation Councils.

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